Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Recap

It was definitely one of those picture perfect fall weekends. We started off acting like children choosing pumpkins at the patch. We, somehow, got lost leaving and ended up in Harper's Ferry West Virginia! Completely unexpected. Completely gorgeous. It is definitely up there on my top 5 dream neighborhoods. We had a delicious dinner outside on a patio overlooking the mountains during sun set. We went on a ghost tour and slugged coffee. The mountains and the trees and stone buildings and cobblestone went perfectly with the season. I absolutely adore everything about the Fall.

I just wanted to also wish a special Happy First Birthday to PJ! Whose mom has delicious taste in party favors. ; ) PJ's mom ordered Petite Fours for her Petite party as a thank you gift for everyone who helped her out this first year with the new baby. That is so sweet.

So, Happy Birthday PJ! This gorgeous season definitely inspired the cakes!

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