Sunday, January 25, 2009

Petite Four Couture in Philly!

We are elated about the weekend we just had! We have been designing and creating and planning and preparing for our trip to Philadelphia for weeks upon weeks.

It went beautifully.

We just wanted to share your very own BEHIND THE SCENES look at our website design and photography. However, first things first. We want to say a few very special things.

1. Thank you to the lovely and talented Cassandra Ellis for all of your generous help this weekend. Cassandra is an accomplished and amazingly clever designer and an up and coming photographer. Please go by her website and get a glimpse of her work. Cassandra: You are so gracious and we are so lucky to have your help and support.

2. What can I say about Philadelphia? A city who has completely separate parking lots made up of all handicap spots is seriously The City of Brotherly Love. ( I know!) Every time I go to Philly, I am more and more impressed with it's natural and charming beauty. We enjoyed so much being able to get out and play between working.

Please enjoy your exclusive view from our side!

Jasika Sebkarshad, Cassandra Ellis, Alicia Ouderkirk

A closer look coming soon!
One Love,
Jasika and Alicia

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Spring Collection {2009} - sneak peek

We can not tell you how excited we are for our very first Spring Collection! We have extremely high hopes for 2009 and after drooling over the world's most ridiculously amazing designers, I have a feeling it is going to be one of our favorites to create so far. This Spring it is all about classic silhouettes with some outrageous elements. There are a lot of jewel tones being mixed with muted monochromatic colors. Traditionally, petite fours are airy pastel colors, so we are pretty much obsessed about making the cakes bold and timeless for Spring.

So here is your official behind the scenes tour of our clippings, sketches and inspiration. We hope you're as excited as we are to see all of this come to life!

Harper's Bazaar
Marie Claire Magazine

one love,

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello, gorgeous

The one and only, ultra fabulous French designer Christian Lacroix has tag teamed with Evian to design a Limited Edition bottle. I, initially, saw the bottle flipping through one of my 700 bridal magazines and It is absolutely stunning.

Voila! On Christmas morning my mother-in-law to be, had one tucked in a wine box for me. Not because I had mentioned it, but because she knows me and my love of rare glass bottles oh so well. I've had it sitting on a hanging crystal cake stand for ultimate inspiration.

How fabulous are these?

How much more fabulous would they be sitting on a dessert table with tiny cakes? Thank you Mr. Lacroix for the inspiration! And yay to marrying fashion and food like two of the most amazing women I know. ;)

Evian Pret-a-porter bottle retailing at $6
Evian Haute Couture bottle retailing at $50

Happy 2009.
one love,