Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello, gorgeous

The one and only, ultra fabulous French designer Christian Lacroix has tag teamed with Evian to design a Limited Edition bottle. I, initially, saw the bottle flipping through one of my 700 bridal magazines and It is absolutely stunning.

Voila! On Christmas morning my mother-in-law to be, had one tucked in a wine box for me. Not because I had mentioned it, but because she knows me and my love of rare glass bottles oh so well. I've had it sitting on a hanging crystal cake stand for ultimate inspiration.

How fabulous are these?

How much more fabulous would they be sitting on a dessert table with tiny cakes? Thank you Mr. Lacroix for the inspiration! And yay to marrying fashion and food like two of the most amazing women I know. ;)

Evian Pret-a-porter bottle retailing at $6
Evian Haute Couture bottle retailing at $50

Happy 2009.
one love,

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