Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We just love when we get to know the people we are baking for. We got to create petite fours for Megan's Birthday. Meg had a beautiful champagne brunch at her downtown home for a few of her close friends. We had so much fun during our consultations and doing dessert set up, she invited us to stay! Serving petite fours and fruit in lieu of birthday cake was a big success with the ladies. Bathing suit season is upon us!

Meg you are full of surprises and we've had a blast spending time with you. We wish you a very Happy Birthday. We hope all of your wishes come true!

One Love,
Jas and Alicia

Meg chose to serve our Signature Collection for her brunch. {French Vanilla cake with raspberry filling. Dipped in a pink white chocolate ganache and dusted with pink sugar. Topped with a marzipan flower}

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Sarah said...

Meg Rocks! I am definitely going to one of her brunches again if you guys are going to be there!