Monday, February 16, 2009

where credit is due

Here at Petite Four Couture, we know how extremely important the little details are when you’re planning an event. We pride ourselves on getting know our customers first and pay attention to their likes and dislikes as if they were our own. It may sound silly to others but we know how much time you spend thinking about things like flavors and colors for your day.

Not only do we deal with so many different vendors for multiple functions for our business, but I am also planning my own wedding that is just months away!! I am on linen, lighting, venue, photographer, draping, catering overload. Although I am confident in all of our vendors, I just have to give a big warm shout out the florist we’re using; Great Expectations : Flowers by Inka

I have made countless changes, deletions and additions to my wedding flowers, that even I got dizzy at some points. Being so detail oriented is definitely a blessing and a curse. Not only has our florist, Inka, been so prompt in confirming each time she’s received an e-mail, but yesterday she sent me an itemized list of all the changes I’ve made within the last few months. I pulled out our original contract and compared. She took note and organized my every scribble and every one sentence e-mail I’ve sent her from the very beginning.

Inka is an amazingly talented floral designer. Her work is traditional with a creative flair that makes every piece unique and reflective of the customer. I am so thrilled to see other business owners who take pride that their work will echo and wow their customer. We work hard at this every single day.

If you are in the Maryland area and are hosting any kind of event, I would recommend seeing what Inka can do for you.

Great Expectations : Flowers by Inka

We hope you all had a love filled weekend. Look forward to some amazing photographs of our Spring 2009 Collection!

One Love,
Jasika Sebkarshad

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